Pioneering charge socket flap modules for electric vehicles

The innovative concept from sauer charging solutions featuring an electrically operated, inward-opening charge port flap and the patented “Sequence Kinematic SCS” offers a convenient charging solution with high-end appeal for electric vehicles. The CPM system allows the modular incorporation of additional functions such as lighting, charging level monitoring and communication interfaces. With its highly efficient kinematics, this solution requires only a minimum of installation space and ensures optimised body contours with a minimal cut-out. This solution prevents vandalism and incorrect use while enabling the driver to plug-indem and unplug the charging cable with the greatest of ease, without the inconvenient and cumbersome components of conventional flap solutions. The ergonomic and space-saving configuration also lends itself to possible future scenarios involving mobile and stationary charging robots.

Innovative concept featuring an electrically operated, inward-opening charge port flap and the patented “Sequence Kinematic SCS”.

Convenient charging solution with high-end appeal

sauer charging solutions GmbH SCS plug

The charge port flap system from sauer charging solutions meets the very highest standards and is also highly adaptable to customers’ individual requirements regarding technical specifications, the choice of lighting solutions or state-of-the-art integration into communication concepts for operation within the vehicle or in connection with mobile apps. All these merits take the experience of charging an electric vehicle to a whole new level.

Strong USPs of the sauer charging solutions charge port flap solution

  • Electrically operated, no manual interaction

    (manual emergency release possible)

  •  SCS_Bilder_1.jpg
  • Flap retracts behind the body panelling

    No structural components to hinder the driver when inserting the charging cable into the charging socket or when handling the connecting cable

  •  SCS_Bilder_2.jpg
  •  SCS_Bilder_3.jpg
  • Attractive cross-section compatible with all charging standards

    GCS type 1, GCS type 2, ChaoJi, GB/T

  •  SCS_Bilder_4.jpg
  • Flexible and scalable installation process

    An electric charging socket can be integrated for delivery as a completely assembled system

  • Integration of additional functions

    Communication features such as WLAN integration, charge level indicator, lighting

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  • Prepared for integration into E/E architectures (LIN, CAN)

    Interfaces with typical bus systems incorporated

  •  SCS_Bilder_6.jpg
  •  SCS_Bilder_7.jpg
  • LIN slave node

    According to the applied charging/communications functionalities, e.g. interface with a charging robot via WLAN, Bluetooth or smartphone app

  •  SCS_Bilder_8.jpg
  • Smart flush and water management

    Sophisticated sealing concept to ensure car wash compatibility

Partners with extensive experience in the automotive industry

A joint venture of sauer product GmbH and berylls Group GmbH. Its vision: To offer newly developed, innovative product solutions for electrically operated charge port flap modules for the European market. Problem solvers for complex product requirements.


sauer product GmbH applies its outstanding expertise as a systems supplier and developer in the fields of plastic parts and components and modules for exterior and interior systems.


berylls group GmbH plays an active role in the further development and organisation of the company, contributing extensive experience in the area of strategic positioning. A wide-ranging pool of relevant know-how is provided by berylls group companies for private equity investments in the automotive industry and for digital ventures with software and platform solutions plus strategic consultancy focusing on the automotive industry.

Innovation as a core competency

The dynamic pace of development in the field of e-mobility, the pronounced need for innovative prowess and the soaring sales figures for battery-powered electric vehicles (BEVs) particularly in the premium segment prompted sauer product to team up with the berylls Group and enter this field of business with an attractive new range of systems and solutions. The partners’ innovative strength provides the driving force behind the development of sauer charging solutions GmbH as a high-powered innovation company.

The management

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Managing Director

Martin Sauer

EXPERIENCE | 10 years’ managerial experience at automotive systems supplier during strong growth phase | 4 years’ experience in business consultancy | MBA

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Managing Director

Andreas Radics

EXPERIENCE | 16 years in top management consultancy | 4 years in industry, incl. telecom/IT sector | Vice President Strategy & Business Development | Head of M&A | MBA from Ingolstadt School of Management (WFI), Faculty of the Catholic University of Eichstätt-Ingolstadt

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Nils Garrelfs

EXPERIENCE | 9 years BMW Group, Strategy Marketing & Sales, M&A, Market Controlling | 5 years Top Management Consultancy, Accenture and Berylls Strategy Advisors | CEMS MSc International Management from Università Bocconi Milan and Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien

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Ricardo Arau

EXPERIENCE | 8 years as CTO at RLE International; 1.2 years as CTO at Magna Steyr; 4.5 years as CEO at sauer product; 10 years as Vice President, Head of Business Unit Daimler at EDAG; degree in mechanical engineering (Dipl.-Ing.) from Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences

The first step

We will be pleased to present the innovative and modular system to you in a personal meeting. Feel free to contact us. By phone on +49 6071 2070255 or by e-mail.